Start-up Success Story, Mymuesli, now selling Nilk (aka ‘No’ ‘Milk’)

One of Germany’s start-up success stories is Mymuesli, began by selling user customised muesli online, delivering a unique mix of muesli direct to the customer. Building on this success, and the success of other products, the company is now launching a new product called Nilk, and alternative to cow’s milk.

The company already has experience with selling products that are complementary to their brand and their muesli, such as orange juice, tea and coffee, or what the three founders of the company call the “Mymuesli Family” of breakfast products.

Further extending this “family” is Nilk a milk alternative which is a word play on the English words “No” and “Milk”. There will be two different varieties available: an oat milk and a milk alternative based on pea proteins.

“We were increasingly asked by our muesli friends whether we know a good alternative to milk,” explains one of the founders, Max Wittrock

“There are many milk alternatives, but we did not find any of them really good.”

According to the three founders, the two Nilk varieties contain more nutrients, such as proteins, dietary fibre and omega-3 fatty acids than other milk substitutes. The company used nutritional and beverage experts to help develop the product.

The price for a litre Nilk based on pea proteins will, however, be rather expensive at around 3,90 euro, while the oat version of Nilk will cost 2.50 euros per litre. But Mymuesli is not competing directly against other products in the supermarket space and only sells its milk alternatives through its own stores and at

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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