Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich Selected as ‘Digital Hub’ Sites

The German Government’s “Digital Hub Initiative” has selected seven new locations as part of its overall plan. In total, there will be twelve hubs in all that will receive Federal support.

The Federal Government’s “Digital Hub Initiative”, launched last November by the then Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), will promote the development of digital ecosystems. In each of the hubs, start-ups, corporations and scientific institutions will work together to promote innovation and cross-fertilisation.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has identified five initial hub sites: Berlin (Fintech and Internet of Things), Dortmund (logistics), Frankfurt (Fintech), Hamburg (logistics) and Munich (Mobility). Up to five other regional centres will follow later in the year and the ministry has already announced to locations:

  • Cologne (Insurtech)
  • Dresden and Leipzig as “Twin Hub” (Smart Systems, Internet of Things and Energy)
  • Karlsruhe (artificial intelligence)
  • Stuttgart (“Future Industries”)
  • Ludwigshafen and Mannheim (chemistry and health)
  • Potsdam (media technologies)
  • Nuremberg and Erlangen (health)
  • Darmstadt which will be linked with Frankfurt (cybersecurity)

The hubs will be linked “in order to promote innovation and start-up spirit”. A specially arranged Hub Agency, the rocket internet subsidiary Rckt, has been selected to oversee the hubs.

“We were able to select seven outstanding new digital hubs with first-class applications,” said Brigitte Zypries. In Germany there is “perhaps no Silicon Valley, but there are many excellent Valleys with their own strengths”.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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