Hemp-Food Start-ups in Germany and Austria

Hemp has been around for a long time, but increasingly its being looked at as a potential ‘superfood’. Here are a few of the more interesting start-ups that are looking to take advantage of this trend.

Hemptastic sells soft drinks with hemp juice. The drink consists only of natural ingredients and the addition, with the hemp juice, a high concentration of CBDA which is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant and that has a health promoting effect. Early in 2017, Katjesgreenfood acquired 25.1 percent of the company.

Hemp Natur is a German manufacturer of organic hemp products. The company mainly sells food such as mixed flour baking blends, but soaps and textiles are also available. The products are believed to be particularly healthy from the addition of hemp and contain many unsaturated fatty acids.

Konoï is a café in Vienna which specialises in foods with hemp. The company sells confectionery made from homemade hemp milk and also offers various muesli, wraps and sandwiches with hemp products.

Cannabissimo Coffee is an Italian coffee made with cannabis seeds. The coffee promotes itself as healthy and the caffeine level is lower than in normal coffee.

Hemp Zeit is a retailer of usable hemp products and, in addition to food and cosmetics, also sells animal feed. Here, too, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in the cannabis seeds are of particular value.

Hanfgarten offers hemp plants which customers are able to raise from cuttings and then use them, for example, to make tea. The correct propagation is intended to ensure that the plants do not develop extensive trichomes (present in the version which can be smoked). The project received a funding of almost one million euros at Greenrocket with a funding threshold of 75,000 euros. The plants are only shipped within Austria. The finished tea is also available in Germany.

The Cannabis Energy Drink is made in Austria. The addition of hemp seed extract is said to give the beverage a special flavour.

Zero Bock Drink from Mainz is the opposite of an energy drink, the intention being to ensure a deceleration in the lives of its consumers. Although this product does not contain any of the narcotizing substances of the cannabis plant, the beverage is intended to have a soothing effect and provide relaxation.

Photo credit: http://www.colourbox.com. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.

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