Exciting Blockchain Start-ups in Berlin: An Overview

Here is a brief overview of some of the more exciting Berlin-based start-ups using blockchain technology.

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Satoshipay: the company has developed a plugin for nano-transactions with media content. It uses bitcoin currency and is intended to allow customers to simply monetize articles, pictures or songs and offer them for cents.

Vaultoro: is a trading platform for gold and bitcoins. The gold is stored in Switzerland and is available at all times. The transactions are open to the public via the blockchain.

Bitwala: offers money transfers via blockchain. Customers have the opportunity to transfer money to other countries within hours. The initial currency is first exchanged into bitcoins, then converted to the target currency and transferred to the account. Invoices can also to be paid via the platform with bitcoins.

Monax: runs a platform to help developers build blockchain-based technologies for enterprises. In addition, software development are available. They consist of finished tools and applications which can be incorporated into a new application.

Blueyard Capital: is a venture capital investor who also invests in blockchain technology. The company recently spent $ 3 million in OpenBazaar, an open-source marketplace running on Bitcoin currency.

Jolocom: helps its customers collect and disseminate information from the Internet so that people can stay connected. The data are to be decentralized using the blockchain.

Coyno: develops software solutions for interacting with the blockchain. The aim is to make it easier for companies to deal with the technology.

IPDB or Interplanetary Database: is a database designed to protect creative content. It is intended to ensure that documents can not simply be copied and redistributed and the rights remain with the author.

Lisk: provides a platform for developing decentralised apps (or ‘Dapps’). The resulting data is not stored on a central server. As such, this protects the Dapps from manipulation.

IOTA: using the IOTA currency, nano-transactions can be made. This is intended to save users transfer costs, particularly for small amounts.

Electrum: is a Bitcoin wallet which facilitates the use of crypto currencies like Bitcoin.

All4btc: allows you to pay with Bitcoins on platforms like Amazon and eBay. For this, the link to the desired article must be inserted on the startup page. The Bitcoins are transferred over the Bitpay system.

Bitbond: allow customers to become borrowers or lenders. The funds are distributed and accepted as bitcoins and should be accessible everywhere and without a bank account. It could also benefit people who are not eligible for ordinary loans.

BlockchainHub: a website which aggregates basic and advanced content on blockchain which is explained and summarised. They also organise events in Berlin, Sofia and Shanghai where interested parties can discuss various aspects of the technology.

Leondrino: markets virtual currencies for corporations. Customers can log in and specify companies from which they wish to buy their own currency. If the company consents, customers can then purchase the currency and exchange it within the system against other currencies.

Parity: is the Ethereum browser of the Startup Ethcore. Ethereum is used to process and review contracts on the Internet. Payments are made by means of encryption currencies such as Bitcoin.

Photo credit: http://www.colourbox.com. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from GründerSzene.

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