Uber Turns to Daimler for Help to Build an Autonomous Car

Uber has just announced that building a car is difficult and that it will partner with Daimler in its quest to build and autonomously driving car.

Other high profile companies active in this area, such as Google and Apple, have already given up on producing their own autonomous car. Now, Uber has also admitted that it is “really hard” to build autonomous cars, and is looking for help. In a blog post, Uber’s CEO and founder Travis Kalanick announced the new strategic alliance with Daimler to further develop the technology of self-driving cars.

Daimler will use Uber’s technology for its own experiments. In Pittsburgh, Uber operates its Technical Center where it has been focusing on developing its version of the self-driving car.

In the partnership, Daimler will provide the car design and manufacturing expertise, while Uber will provide the technology for the autonomous car. In his blog post, Kalanick justified the fact that Uber realised that safety is a very big issue for self-propelled cars. “Of course, we can not do this alone,” Kalanick stated, pointing to the lack of experience in the construction of vehicles. For this reason, he wanted to work with the Germans.

Daimler is not the first car manufacturer to partner with Uber. Together with the Swedish Autobauer Volvo, Uber has developed the XC90. The XC90 is considered to be Uber’s current prototype and is used for test purposes. In addition, Uber tests driverless cars from Ford in Pittburgh .

Photo credit: http://www.colourbox.com. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from GründerSzene.

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