An Overview of Fintech in Berlin

As we have mentioned here previously, one of the most active sectors in developing blockchain technology is the finance sector, particularly fintech companies.

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Financial technology (or ‘fintech’) companies are using the power of the blockchain to disrupt or revolutionise the way the traditional banking and finance sector works. Perhaps surprisingly, most fintech companies are focusing on more traditional activities rather than deploying blockchain solutions.

Here’s an overview of the situation in Berlin.

Active Fintech Firms: at the end of 2016, there were over 100 firms active in the sector.

Total Funding: €437m

Industry Focus: surprisingly, the bulk of fintech companies are active in more traditional areas of the finance sector, with a smaller number focusing on blockchain technology. Most companies are delivering financing for products and services. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Financing (31%)
  2. Insurance (22%)
  3. Payments (16%)
  4. Infrastructure (15%)
  5. Investments (11%)
  6. Cross-process (5%)
  7. Blockchain (0.7%)

Active Investors:

  • Redstone Digital
  • Vogel Ventures
  • Early Bird Ventures
  • Technology Fund
  • Kompass Digital
  • Global Founders Capital

Average Funding per Sector:


  1. Financing (€26.9m)
  2. Payments (€14.4m)
  3. Insurance (€13.9m)
  4. Investments (€11.8m)
  5. Infrastructure (€10.7m)
  6. Cross-process (€7.04m)
  7. Blockchain (€1.65m)


Best Funded Fintech Firms:

  1. Spotcap
  2. Smava
  3. Number26
  4. Orderbird
  5. Financefox
  6. Raisin
  7. Payleven / SumUp
  8. Knip
  9. Friendsurance
  10. Clark

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Heureka.

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