The Top 10 Fastest Growing Start-ups in Germany in 2016

Germany is fast becoming the preferred location for start-ups in Europe, so it is interesting to have a look at some of the companies which have recorded strong growth in 2016.

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1st Place: Lesara is all about fashion and accessories. Founded by Roman Kirsch, the company uses an algorithm to search for fashion trends in the net and then tries to produce products as cheap as possible. Growth rate: 1,425 percent.

2nd Place: GastroHero is located in the commercial area of Holzwickede, Ruhrpott. Andreas Korsus, Mark Baukmann and Jens Peter Schütte run an online shop for catering products. Growth rate: 1,345 percent.

3rd Place: The software company überall manages, among other things, its customers entries on Google or Facebook in order to get an overview of reviews. Online Presence Management was founded by David Ferderhen, Florian Hübner and Josha Benner in Berlin. Growth rate: 754 percent.

4th Place: The Berlin startup unu, started by Elias Atahi, Pascal Blum and Mathieu Caudal develops and distributes e-scooters. In the first twelve months, the company had more than 1,000 customers. Growth rate: 725 percent.

5th Place: The platform Rebelle sells second-hand luxury goods. The Hamburg-based team already has 75 employees. Growth rate: 660 percent.

6th Place: Contentful offers a content management system for developers. The startup has accumulated over 10 million US dollars from well-known investors in recent months. Growth rate: 646 percent.

7th Place: The startup Thermondo, founded by Philipp Pausder, builds heaters that are intelligently linked. Growth rate: 638 percent.

8th Place: The delivery service platform Foodpanda was founded by Ben Bauer, Ralf Wenzel and Felix Plog in Berlin. Growth rate: 567 percent.

9th Place: Digidip is the affiliate network of Sabrina Saleh. The site connects three million people daily by linking blogs to the websites of online stores. Growth rate: 564 percent.

10th Place: Philipp Budiman is one of the two founders of the Berlin start-up Montredo. Founded in 2012, the company sells expensive watches on the Internet, making attractive margins in the luxury segment. Growth rate: 520 percent.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from GründerSzene.


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