EIT Health Summit (Barcelona): German Start-ups Dominate


The recent EIT Health Summit in Barcelona (23-24.11.2016) was attended by around 350 participants from 19 countries, which included networking events and the Business Plan Aggregator Competition, the latter being a highlight of the summit.

For the competition, 21 start-ups participated across the following categories:

  • MedTech,
  • BioTech and
  • Digital Health.

Each had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas in front of a large audience and a jury consisting of European investors. The start-ups were pre-selected via a best of the best process at national level and each EIT Health Co-Location Centre (CLC) had the chance to nominate 3 national winners in the 3 categories. The start-ups from the CLC in Germany included:

  • Coldplasmatech (MedTech),
  • iSurgeon (Digital Health) and
  • MammaScreen (BioTech).

The German start-ups were very successful. MammaScreen was the winner of BioTech category, Coldplasmatech was first in the MedTech category, and iSurgeon received 2nd place in the Digital Health category. Furthermore, Coldplasmatech and MammaScreen won the 1st and 2nd place in the Audience Award.

About the German Start-ups

Coldplasmatech: developed a new solution in wound therapy with cold plasma that eliminates multi-resistant bacteria and supports healing processes in the case of chronic and infected wounds.

iSurgeon: provides a unique and new form of visual communication for surgeons to communicate faster, easier and more reliably using augmented reality.

MammaScreen: developed a highly accurate biomarker-based lab test for early detection of breast cancer.

All 3 start-ups had been pre-selected by the German CLC during the SHIP (Ship for Health Innovation Pitches) Event in Heidelberg on the 9th of August, 2016,  as each company had already won numerous health-related awards (inc. Life Science Meets IT Hackathon, and Science4Life).

“The German start-ups achieved impressive results in the pan-European competition and we are very proud of their performance and wish them all the best for their future which we will actively accompany,” said Dr. Armin Pscherer, CEO of the German EIT Health GmbH.

Altogether, these results show that start-ups are a key source for fast and smart innovative healthcare solutions and can help to improve the European healthcare landscape.

Photo credit: http://www.colourbox.com. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The EIT Europe.

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