The Fintech (2016) Top 100 Report – Innovators and Distruptors

We have published numerous stories recently about the extent to which the financial services industry has to assess and come to terms with the wave of digital disruption that is starting to reshape the sector. The Fintech 100 is a report which highlights the top companies and the main innovators in the field. It lists the:

  • 50 leading established players creating change within financial services, and
  • 50 of the emerging fintech stars

The report focuses on companies that are using technology to their best advantage and who are driving disruption within the financial services industry. It includes companies working across all areas of the financial services sector, such as:

  • lending companies
  • payments companies
  • insurance companies
  • regtech companies
  • data and analytics companies
  • wealth companies
  • digital currencies companies
  • blockchain companies
  • capital markets companies
  • crowd funding companies
  • accounting companies

The report is significant in that it highlights the rapidly growing importance of players in this area. Alone, the 100 companies included in the report have attracted an additional US$14.6bn of capital in the last 12 months. A further striking feature of the list is shift of balance towards disruptors, those who challenge the existing market, over enablers, those who help incumbents do better work. In the top 50, ninety-two percent are in the disruptor category. The message for the financial services sector would therefore seem clear. Now, more than ever, it is time to get serious about fintech and the technologies driving it.

German Companies on the List:

Two German companies appear in the report, one from each of the categories: established and emerging.

Leading 50: Kreditech

Kreditech Group’s mission is to improve financial freedom for the under banked by the use of technology. Combining non-traditional data sources and machine learning, the Company is aiming to provide access to better credit and a higher convenience for digital banking services.

Emerging: solarisBank

solarisBank is a tech company with a German banking license. The company has built an API-accessible banking platform for the needs of the digital economy. The Solaris Platform enables startups, fintechs and established digital companies to create custom solutions for their unique financial needs.

The Fintech 100 report is a collaborative effort between H2 Ventures and KPMG. A copy can be found here.

Image credit: H2 Ventures. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from H2 Ventures.

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