Princeton-Fung Global Forum (2017) – “Society 3.0+: Can Liberty Survive The Digital Age?” (March 20-21 | Berlin, Germany)

The Princeton-Fung Global Forum 2017 will explore digital technologies in the information age, with a focus on how different countries and sectors approach the balance between risks, benefits and fundamental rights.

The forum is being run under the title theme: “Society 3.0+: Can Liberty Survive the Digital Age?”

Topics being covered will include:

  • privacy and human rights versus security protection;
  • vulnerabilities versus efficiencies posed by the Internet of Things;
  • communication silos versus unfiltered information;
  • access (denied) to information; and
  • the vision for global cooperation.

This conference comes at a critical time, when daily headlines remind us that digital technology informs so many important policy debates. Given how digital technology pervades the daily lives of citizens, it is imperative to step back and consider how we can govern the Information Society in a way that truly serves a worldwide interest.

Speakers will come from academia, the government and non governmental sectors as well as the media.


  • Dates: 20.03.2017 – 21.03.2017
  • Location: Berlin
  • Country: Germany
  • Registration: here

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Princeton University.

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