Australia’s Start-up Landing Pad in Berlin Officially Launched

Berlin is rapidly becoming known as an innovation, technology and start-up hub, not only in Europe, but in a global sense. The city has a mature and successful start-up ecosystem, with access to investors, large German corporations and technically competent people, making it an ideal location for Australia’s fifth Start-up Landing Pad.

Located in Berlin’s Betahaus, the Landing Pad is a place for Australian entrepreneurs to launch their start-up to a global market. The aim is to foster entrepreneurship, creativity, rapid prototyping and innovative product development. Betahaus is one of Berlin’s best-known start-up locations, bringing together new businesses with major German and European corporations to facilitate investment opportunities and to nurture and accelerate new technologies and business ideas.

While many of Germany’s top companies are head-quartered in other parts of the country they have, nonetheless, moved quickly to have a presence in the capital city in order to have access to the start-up scene. Companies such as Bayer, Commerzbank, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, Lufthansa, RWE, SAP and Deutsche Post all have innovation centres in Berlin to take advantage of its unique environment for creative and innovative development.

The Berlin Landing Pad is the final location of five to be established (the other cities being: San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Tel Aviv) and, as such, Australian startups now have the opportunity to access investment capital, networks, mentors and ideas in five key locations across the globe.

The Landing Pad programme is part of the Turnbull Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, designed to help Australian entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market and build high-growth and high-return enterprises. It will give Australian entrepreneurs access to a network of contacts and opportunities across the European Union and beyond.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Investment.

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