From Bavarian to the World – Student Internship Portal goes Online

One of the major themes in German higher education is the necessity for future graduates to have the ability to work across cultures and have experience working with and collaborating on cross-border projects.

The newly launched portal, “Study & Work International – From Bavaria to the World” supports Bavarian students to access practical experience abroad. The portal was laucnhed on the 10th of October, together with Bertram Brossardt, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Bavarian Business, and Secretary of State for Science and Technology, Bernd Sibler, the Bavarian University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Applied Sciences.

The portal offers internships worldwide as well as information and tips on the planning and implementation of a practical stay abroad.

While international study and internships are already supported by universities and the DAAD, pathways into the corporate world remain difficult for students.

“Often, the search for a specific internship is time-consuming,”says Prof. Dr. Karl Stoffel.

–Head of the University of Applied Sciences and the University of Landshut.

Not least thanks to its broad international network, Bavaria’s economy is a success story. To ensure that economic growth remains stable in the future the Federal State regards it as necessary to carry out a broad-based training program which promotes the intercultural competences of its graduates. The focus is on the English-speaking countries abroad and especially the USA as a popular destination for students and an important trading partner for Bavarian companies.

More information: Study & Work International

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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