Report and Roadmaps for the EU Strategy on International Cooperation in Research & Innovation

The strategy for the European Union international cooperation policy in research and innovation (R&I) was published in 2012 and aims to strengthen the EU’s R&I excellence, attractiveness and economic and industrial competitiveness; tackle global societal challenges; and support the EU’s external policies.

As part of this strategy there is a reporting requirement every two years on the state of its implementation. The second implementation report was released on October, 13th 2016. The report and  its roadmaps for cooperation with key partner countries and regions are an important deliverable of the “Open to the World” policy.

Fostering international cooperation in research and innovation is a strategic priority for the EU to allow access to the latest knowledge and the best talent worldwide, tackle global societal challenges  more  effectively, create business opportunities, and use science diplomacy as an influential instrument of external policy. The report concludes that clear progress was accomplished towards the main objectives of the strategy, namely by:
– Improving framework conditions for engaging in R&I
– Engaging in Science Diplomacy
– Concluding Association Agreements to Horizon 2020
– Building the Global Research Area
– Leading global initiatives
– Aligning policies with EU Member States

More information on the second report is available as a fact sheet, or in the full report (in numerous languages).

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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