Blockchain, Mobility and Working from Home

There are many aspects to the question of sustainable mobility and one of these is whether employees need to be in an office or if they can work from home. This solves some of the issues of mobility, but it raises other problems such as access to files online and authenticating access and files versions.

Assuming companies are looking at ways to allow for more employees to work from home, they will need to implement certain solutions. Rather than storing files on centralised servers, decentralised alternatives may prove to be a better alternative, especially for key areas of most businesses, such as file storage, accessibility, and communication.

As an example, when there are multiple people working on an Excel spreadsheet they will need free access to this file at all times. Using cloud hosting or other familiar services will not be sufficient. Once a cloud server goes down, files become inaccessible. However, blockchain-based solutions are available at all times, as there is no central point of failure. Furthermore, data solutions based on blockchain technology will require far less maintenance compared to traditional platforms.

But there are other benefits besides data storage, as blockchain technology can also be used as a way for employees authenticate access to company files. Without that blockchain-issued token, the file will not be accessible to that user.

This is just another example of how blockchain technology will revolutionise our daily lives.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from


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