Research and Development: Germany Needs to Boost Networking

A new study funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation has suggested that, while Germany has excellent Research and Development capacity, German industry needs to improve networking, both nationally and internationally.

Germany has developed an economy based on excellent products, high quality, excellent services and international reach. In order to be able to compete on this international level a constant assessment and projection of innovation is a prerequisite. However, in the current environment, such projections are a complex undertaking. The research environment is increasingly becoming an international network, and many outcomes are the result of technological exchange across borders.

The report concluded that Germany is indeed still very well positioned in terms of its R&D activities, however, but other countries are also improving, which means in order to maintain its R&D position Germany will have to continue to spend on innovation to continue to be competitive in the core sectors of German industry. In addition to higher spending the report suggests that enhanced exchanges between companies and across different industries, as well as international cooperation with be essential.

“The strength of the German industrial site is the good mix of innovative quality products, research and development, motivated and qualified employees,”

said Christiane Benner, Second chairman of IG Metall and member of the board of the Hans Böckler Foundation.

However, an area where Germany must focus is in knowledge networks:

“In particular, digitalisation in industry remains a weakness in Germany. The networking of core industries such as mechanical engineering or the automotive industry with the IT and electrical engineering sector needs to be developed.”

Here is a link to the report “German industry must enhance networking in research and development – both nationally and internationally” by the Hans Böckler Foundation.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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