Germany’s Action Programme for Digitalisation

In Germany, and elsewhere, the digital transformation of society and the economy is rapidly taking place. Germany recently outlined its Digital Strategy 2025 in order to identify the key areas of this transformation and to improve investment in digitalisation and innovation. The “Action Programme for Digitalisation” is the next step in this strategy and outlines concrete measures to substantiate the digitalisation strategy.

The action programme was presented by Dr. Rainer Sontowski, Minister Economy and Energy, to a conference attended by top representatives from business and the start-up scene. The conference brought together various industries in order to take advantage of innovation and synergies occurring across very difference sectors of the economy.

The Action Programme outlines 12 points for the digital future:

  1. Promote digital hubs in Germany
  2. Accelerate the digitalisation of SMEs
  3. Expand Gigabit networks
  4. Facilitate private investment in digital equipment
  5. Secure value added digital networks
  6. Mobilise more venture capital
  7. Promote digital communication and eGovernment, reduce bureaucracy
  8. Digitalise the energy transition
  9. Digitalise the healthcare industry
  10. Strengthen FinTech in Germany
  11. Promote Digital Mobility
  12. Make more sharing possible through a social sharing economy

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from BMWi.


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