Audi Promotes Heritage of Innovation in Australian Campaign

Among the more consistently innovative companies in Germany are certainly the car manufacturers. In fact, one could say that the development of the ‘first modern car’ by Karl Benz is one of the most significant innovations of the past 150 years.

Of course, the car companies are not unaware of their disruptive and innovative heritage, and Audi is emphasising this in a new campaign in Australia to redefine the company’s reputation as an innovator.

Audi has a tradition of being a technology pioneer, a fact demonstrated not least through its now famous slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” (which translates as something like ‘leading, or advancing, or progress… through technology’). As the new campaign points out, it is this commitment to innovation which has characterised Audi’s history, and will drive its future.

“We’ve spent more than 100 years striving to out-do every milestone, every piece of technology we have ever created, to deliver the best in premium quality and craftsmanship for our customer.”

–Audi Australia managing director, Andrew Doyle (quoted in

‘Challenges’ (see video below) makes reference to the company’s various technological milestones driven by overcoming technological challenges. There are two other videos, ‘Details’ which focuses on the company’s attention to detail and quality, and ‘Audi versus’ which combines the brand’s heritage as an innovator and technological know-how.

The challenge for Audi Australia has been to demonstrate that the company is about innovation and that it has consistently challenged barriers and conventional thinking.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from


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