Celebrating Australia’s Creativity & Innovation in Germany in 2017

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, has announced that the Australian Government will host “Australia Now”, a major celebration of Australia’s creativity and innovation, in Germany in 2017.

While Australia has recently been working with Germany to strengthen the relationship, this announcement is actually part of an annual cultural diplomacy program, where the Australian Government presents the nation to a country of strategic significance to raise its profile and build a better understanding of Australia.

The importance of the relationship between Australia and Germany has been steady growing, with Germany now being Australia’s eleventh largest trading partner, with significant foreign direct investment and numerous Australian companies in the Germany market. The total value of two-way trade in 2015 was $18.6 billion.

No relationship is one-dimensional and the significant business relationship will be complimented by a programme of cultural events–including performances by Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australian productions at the Berlin International Film Festival, visual art exhibitions, and dialogues on civic spaces, urban renewal, innovation and science.

Australia is already a popular destination for the German tourism industry, but there are growing links in the science and technology field as well as many synergies in the education and research sectors.

Both Germany and Australia have important, but different, traditions of creativity and innovation. “Australia Now” will provide an opportunity to explore this and broaden the platform for engagement with Germany.

Photo credit: “www.colourbox.com”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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