Ranking of Best Countries to Study Abroad (Chosen by Parents)

Recently, we have covered a number of rankings on studying internationally and comparing universities worldwide (see links, below). A new report, produced by HSBC, has conducted a survey of 6,421 parents of international students and ranked the most popular destinations to study-abroad.

While the United States appears at the top of the list as the most popular destination (see below), the list is ranked according to the number of times a destination was mentioned. When considered based on a ranking of quality (of education, life and job prospects) then Germany is the mostly highly ranked by parents.

One of the interesting contrasts is that the USA, UK, Australia and Canada all rank ahead of Germany as most preferred destinations despite significant annual fees, whereas Germany has no tuition fees for undergraduate study. The reasons for this are likely to be complex, but culture and perceptions (of parents) are likely to be significant contributors.

Allan Goodman, president and CEO of the Institute of International Education, said:

“Germany combines high-quality education with no tuition fees and affordable living costs, and many programmes taught in English. The country strives to appeal to foreign students to build up a skilled workforce, and undoubtedly presents graduates with strong career prospects in Germany, Europe and around the world.”

Other highly rated destinations for international students include Canada, Japan and Singapore, all of which received higher scores for all-round quality than the US.

The Ranking:

Countries parents are most likely to consider for their child’s university education abroad Country popularity as a destination (frequency of mentions) Parents’ rating of country as a destination (quality of education, quality of life and job prospects) (maximum 15) Average annual undergraduate tuition fee for international students (USD)
1. USA 48% 12.77 33,215
2. UK 44% 12.71 29,656
3. Australia 38% 12.57 26,136
4. Canada 23% 12.9 30,518
5. Germany 20% 13.3 0
6. Japan 14% 12.9 10,978
7. France 12% 12.52 361
8. Singapore 9% 12.95 21,674
9. China 5% 11.43 4,186
10. New Zealand 5% 12.62 24,640

The ranking is part of the Foundations for the future report, released as part of HSBC’s The Value of Education series.

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Photo credit: “www.colourbox.com”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Times Higher Education.

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