Digitalisation and Future Opportunities in Germany

At a recent research summit in Berlin the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, directed attention to the question of digitalisation and future research in Germany. The Summit addressed the question of how Germany can harness digitalisation.

Germany is already very advance in so-called ‘Industry 4.0’ which provides an excellent starting point. (See our previous post: What is Industry 4.0…?) In order to maintain its industrial and export success, the Chancellor emphasised the importance of innovation, stressing the importance of strengthening the research base and innovation.

“Economic success builds on scientific achievements,”

said the Chancellor, and further commented:

“We will only be able to retain our prosperity, if we can retain our innovative force.”

One of the main areas where this presents a challenge is in the area of digitalisation which, in Germany, remains to be embraced with the same innovative enthusiasm as other technologies.

The Chancellor pointed to the new High-Tech Strategy of the German government, which is key to strengthening Germany’s innovative force. It is a successful, inter-ministerial innovation system. The German government is working to steadily improve the framework to strengthen Germany’s innovative force, including by providing reliable finance for the research sector and making Germany more attractive for start-ups.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from the website of the Federal German Government (Bundesregierung).


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