World Health Summit 2016 (in Berlin): Science-Innovation-Policies

The annual World Health Summit (WHS) is one of the world’s most prominent forums for exploring issues which are related to global health. The summit brings together key leaders from academia, politics, civil society, and the private sector to address the most pressing health-related challenges on the planet.

The 2016 WHS will be held in Berlin between October 09th and the 11th.

The central topics include:

  • Migration and Refugee Health: From Care to Policy
  • Technological Innovation for Health: Improving Healthcare Delivery
  • Women, Empowerment and Health: Equality and Agency
  • Translational Research: Advancing Innovative Treatment
  • Infectious Diseases: Lessons Learned from Ebola to Zika
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Transforming the Health Agenda

The WHS aims to bring together stakeholders at al levels of the global health sector and to become the pre-eminent high-level forum and network.

In addition to the main programme of speakers, the WHS will this year be highlighting a ‘Start-up Track’ to showcase outstanding ideas and innovative business concepts that have the potential to revolutionise healthcare and improve Global Health. More information about the start-up track and a list of companies presenting can be found here.

Registration for the summit is currently open. Participants can register here.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from World Health Summit.



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