HERA + AKUT = HERAKUT. An Artist Duo from Germany

We have a soft spot, here, for innovation in the cultural sphere! Herakut are an artist duo from Germany (see our recent post: Herakut: Street Art Workshop in Refugee Asylum in Potsdam, Germany) whose work cuts across a range of categories and brings into focus issues such as: art and graffiti, street art vs. classical art, storytelling, the scale of art, the relation between art and the community, between contemporary culture and our history, and the role of transience in art.

If you don’t live in Germany, there is a good chance that you have, nonetheless, seen one of the spectacular works undertaken by the duo. The ‘artist’ (here in terms of two individuals, and ‘herakut’ as a concept or project) is truly global. Having joined forces in 2004, both with a background in art, design, and the street art (aka graffiti) scene, herakut have worked from Toronto to Kathmandu, and from San Francisco to Melbourne… and that’s just to begin with. See the link for the many places where the duo have worked around the world.

It is impossible to have seen one of their works without remembering the time and place, and to recall the almost overwhelming impact of the work. Not only are most of their works imposingly huge (multi-story high), but this contrasts with the narrative content which is fantasy-like, but also intensely real… made even more real by being produced in the real world of public space. The combination is like a page from a diary written by your conscience displayed in outsize for all to see, or perhaps it is the result of a collective experience of life specific to that time, place and collective of humanity, channelled through the artist duo.

To the extent that a photo of their works does it justice (and one must question whether a photo is actually to what artists are trying to achieve) a visit to the herakut blog is well worth it.

Even better, keep your eyes open when you’re roaming the city-scapes of the world because you will never forget the first time you come face-to-face with one of herakut’s projects.


Photo credit: “http://www.herakut.de”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from herakut.


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