Digital Health Berlin – Startupbootcamp

Continuing our focus on the Berlin start-up scene, here we look at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin. The organisation is a dedicated accelerator for innovative start-ups in the health sector that combine medical knowledge with smart technologies, with a special focus on behavioural change, diagnostics and genomics, big data and analytics.

The organisation gives special attention to ‘Digital Health’ which it describes as:

“The evolutionary fusion of medical knowledge with smart technologies to preserve or expand human health.”

This includes areas such as the delivery of health services via digital means, treatment and diagnosis using digital means and the general application of digital technology.

The main areas of focus are:

  1. Behaviour Change
  2. Diagnostics and Genomics
  3. Big Data and Analytics
  4. Telemedicine, Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) connecting Patient/Provider/Payor
  5. Disease Progression incl. software enhanced pharmaceuticals and therapeutics (eg. Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Mental Health, Women’s Health)
  6. Remote Monitoring (eg. sensors, geo location based data)
  7. Personalised Medicine

Digital Healthcare Berlin is led by Juliane Zielonka, a Digital Health entrepreneur, and the organisation offers the following in order to accelerate new companies:

  • Access to our unique industry partners
  • Extensive mentorship from 100+ entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners
  • 6 months free co-working space (3 months during program + 3 months after)
  • €15K in cash per team
  • Exposure to 100+ Angels & VCs
  • Exclusive contacts for possible corporate co-operation
  • Invitation to SBC global alumni network and growth program

Digital Healthcare Berlin take 6% equity, don’t take board seats, don’t get preferred shares.

Applications are currently open for Digital Healthcare Berlin.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Digital Healthcare Berlin


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