Herakut: Street Art Workshop in Refugee Asylum in Potsdam, Germany

Germany is tackling the challenges presented by large-scale refugee flows into the country in many innovative ways… but this one is particularly interesting.

The artist duo ‘herakut’was invited by the NGO ‘school colors’ to a workshop setup in the refugee asylum area. The concept was simple! Lots of kids, colour and painting… which was transferred across various mediums, from paper to cardboard to canvas to wall.

The workshop was free of charge and open to all kids as well as people of the surrounding neighbourhood. Many of the children in the asylum centre have been through difficult and traumatic experiences, not only in being forced from their homes, but seeing the destruction of their homes and cities. As such, one of the aims of the workshop was

“to focus on something nice, something new and colorful, something that stands for creation – not destruction. “

Importantly, the workshop brought together kids from very different places, languages and experiences and united them in a positive experience in that specific moment in time.

It is really worth visiting the herakut blog to see the photos of this wonderful workshop.

School Colors is an NGO was undertakes intercultural training which combines cultural development, integration and intercultural competency. We will have a subsequent post on the School Colors and ‘herakut’ soon.

Photo credit: “www.herakut.de”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from herakut.

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