Berlin – The Start-up City

The Australian Government recently announced five “landing pad” cities as part of the start-ups focus for its National Innovation and Science Agenda. Among the five cities named was Berlin.

In recent decades Australia has been somewhat focused on South-East Asia and thus the inclusion of a city in Europe was surprising to some people. However, many of these people are unaware of the importance of Europe as a global centre of innovation and technology and that this is increasingly becoming the case.

Many European technology companies have carved out markets across almost every business sector, including: automobiles, pharmaceuticals, software, communications and industrial machinery. Germany, in particular, has a highly developed and integrated innovation strategy that has enabled the technological renovation of its industrial economy.

Berlin is rapidly becoming the start-up hub of mainland Europe, as well as being affordable and with highly developed infrastructure and a well trained tech workforce. The city has many facilities, including shared workspaces and start-up hubs.

This is the first in a series of posts that will focus on the start-up scene in Berlin… but also across Germany, as the innovation and start-ups are a nationwide phenomenon.

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