The Australian-German Climate & Energy College: A Valuable Source of Data and Information

The Australian-German Climate & Energy College is committed to facing the challenges of climate change and energy transition. The College aims to contribute to the global roadmap for these future challenges and to effectively communicate the solutions to people across the planet.

The means by which the college aims to achieve this (in light of 2020) are as follows:

  • Contribute and communicate a roadmap for climate and energy transition pathways for the planet and society’s future.
  • Provide a collaborative, cohort-based PhD research environment that produces world-class research in climate and energy transitions.
  • Embed discipline-focused graduate research into a multi-disciplinary background across a number of faculties.
  • Strengthen international research networks with Europe and Germany through establishing a PhD exchange program and co-supervisor research collaborations.

As such, the climate college is all about research, information and communication!

The climate college has a set of invaluable links to its research, information, and data… including:

Please use and share these links widely!

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The Australian-German Climate & Energy College.


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