Science On The Move

The “Wissenschaft weltoffen kompakt” is a brochure published jointly by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and DZHW (German Centre for University, Science and Research). It is a collection of facts and figures about study and research in Germany.

This final part of our series deals with the mobility of scientists with a focus on academic staff from abroad working in Germany. The largest group of scientists comes from European countries (35%), Asia has the second largest group with 26%. Australia is last in line with just 1% of scientists working in Germany.

Speaking of European and Asian academic staff… their country of origin is Italy for the first group and  China for the second.

With a share of almost 20%, Austrian nationals are on top of the list and when we have a look at foreign professorships in Germany, Switzerland is number two in the ranking followed by the US.

So… where are our German scientists? Well, most of them stay in Europe (41%), almost 25% are working in the US, followed by Asia, Africa and a small group of just 3% are working in scientific disciplines in Australia.

In addition to the analysis above please download the brochure “Wissenschaft weltoffen kompakt” in English.

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