Student Mobility

The “Wissenschaft weltoffen kompakt” is a brochure published jointly by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and DZHW (German Centre for University, Science and Research). It is a collection of facts and figures about study and research in Germany.

In this third part of our series we concentrate on student mobility. The world is getting smaller and students are constantly on the move.

In an international context which countries are the favoured host countries for our international students, and from which parts of world do most students come from in order to study at foreign universities?

The most desirable host country for international students is the USA with 784,427 foreign students in 2013. The UK is second and Australia is at number three in the ranking with 249,868 international students. In Germany around 200,000 young people arrived to study, followed by Russia, Japan and Canada.

Where do all the students come from? On top of the list are students from China (730,000 leave their country to study abroad). Followed by students from India and Germany (120,570). While the US is a great host for international students just a small group of around 66,000 young people travel from the US to study at foreign universities.

In the last 37 years the mobility of students has risen rapidly. Around 0.8 million students left their countries of origin to study elsewhere. In 2012 this number was 4.5 millions who studied abroad.

In a fourth and last article we will focus on scientists on the move.

In addition to the analysis above please download the brochure “Wissenschaft weltoffen kompakt” in English.

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