Germany’s International Students

The “Wissenschaft weltoffen kompakt” is a brochure published jointly by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and DZHW (German Centre for University, Science and Research). It is a collection of facts and figures about study and research in Germany.

In this second part of our series, we focus on German students abroad.

Again there are two categories of students. The first group who study temporarily abroad within a framework of studies at a German university and the second group who study abroad with the aim to graduate at a foreign university.

Their favourite host countries were Austria on top of the list with 26,500 students followed by the Netherlands and Great Britain (15,700). Australia hosted 1352 German students. Altogether 134,500 German students study at foreign universities.

Comparing the number of Germans studying outside of Germany over the last 15 years it is very clear that the numbers are on the rise. In 1991 a small group of just 34,000 students were enrolled at universities abroad. In 2013 we counted 134,500 students outside of Germany.

Let’s have a closer look at students in more advanced courses. In 2012 around 35% studied at universities and 21% studied at universities for applied sciences. One third of all students abroad spent at least three months outside their home country. In 2015 German students completed their studies abroad with a Bachelor degree (35%) and a Master’s degree (54%) from a university.

We have set ourselves clear targets. It is anticipated that by 2020 every second university graduate will gather experience by studying abroad and 33% of the university graduates will spend at least three months studying at a university abroad.

In a third article we will inform you about student mobility. Stay tuned…

In addition to the analysis above please download the brochure “Wissenschaft weltoffen kompakt” in English.

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