AHK Australia – Cooperation on Energy Efficiency in Buildings – Seminar Series 2016

Not everyone is aware of it, but Australia and Germany has a long and ongoing commitment to building bilateral relations across a wide range of areas between the two countries. This includes: trade and investment, strategic dialogue, science and education, diversity and integration, and culture and sport.

The Australia-Germany Advisory group was established in 2014 and produced a report outlining recommendations across all these themes (the so-called Advisory Group 59 Recommendations Report).

One of the major recommendations by the Advisory Group concerns energy:

12. Australia and Germany will establish a bilateral working group on energy and resources. The group will explore how Australia, as a net exporter of energy and resources, can support German needs. It will discuss climate change, including lessons and opportunities from Germany’s energy transition (Energiewende). The Group will explore options for involving non government institutions in innovative energy research fields.

In order to support and promote a dialogue on energy efficiency, Germany’s AHK Australia (the Australian branch of the German Chamber of Commerce) is organising a series of seminars at Australian universities in the second half of 2016, supported by the BMWi (the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)

Four seminars are planned at participating universities to present technological innovation “made in Germany” in the field of energy efficiency. In addition to representatives from universities and German technology providers a so-called “German Ambassador / subject specialist” will present and explain important technical fundamentals of the this sector in Germany (energy efficiency and/or architecture) in an impartial manner and to introduce subsequent company presentations. This speaker will have industry knowledge and experience in the field of energy efficiency in buildings in Germany and also have knowledge of the Australian market.

We will provide more information and dates as they become available…

Photo credit: “www.germany-australia.com.au/”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from AHK Australia.

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