The Australian-German Climate & Energy College: A Partnership Between the University of Melbourne and Universities in the Berlin Potsdam area

Located inside the Carlton Connect Initiative is The Australian-German Climate & Energy College. A new international Graduate College jointly instituted by the University of Melbourne and a partnership of German universities in the Berlin-Potsdam area.

The College offers PhD candidates the opportunity to pursue research in climate change and energy transitions at a world-class level, complemented by a six month exchange program to broaden their horizons and expertise at a partner institution overseas.

The College ensures originality of research at the cutting edge of science and will inevitably lead students into overlapping areas of study across the four research clusters:

Cluster 1 Energy Systems: One of four research clusters will investigate the physical- and economic dynamics of the national and global energy systems, investigating the opportunities, technological challenges, implementation barriers, market design and economics of a national transition towards dominant contribution of renewable energies, focussed, but not restricted to, the examples of Australia and Germany.

Cluster 2 Mitigation Strategies: A second cluster will examine global and regional emission pathways and mitigation strategies, investigating the linking of emission trading systems, intergenerational equity, carbon budgets, mitigation costs and opportunities of different mitigation options (e.g. short-lived climate forcers).

Cluster 3 Climate Systems: The third cluster will investigate, in a probabilistic and quantitative fashion, key aspects of the climate system¸ focussing on the anthropogenic perturbations, extreme events, tipping points and multi-model uncertainty projections.

Cluster 4 Climate Impacts: Following on, the loop back onto the energy system involves the novel and innovative investigation of climatic impacts onto the global supply network of goods and services with a special focus onto energy infrastructure.

In the coming weeks we will feature stories and research from the Climate College…

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from The Australian-German Climate & Energy College.


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