Inheritance – an Exploration of our Endangered Future Culture

On July 20th, Inheritance, an exhibition which is part of Absolutely Famished, opened at the Carlton Connect Initiative… Melbourne University’s innovation precinct.

Inheritance is a collection of works by Anna Madeleine, and is part of Absolutely Famished, a creative exploration of future food. The exhibition explores elements of our current food culture that are in danger of becoming extinct because of climate change, and considers what will remain for generations to come.

The exhibition includes three collections of work:

  • Fool’s Gold is a series of hand-made paper structures that portray sheets of empty honeycomb. The rapid decline of bees will jeopardise the pollination of a large proportion of the world’s crops and plants. Emphasising this threat, these pieces present hollowed out, empty shells of abandoned beehives.


  • In Seeds, short stop-motion animations of almond, apple, cacao, chickpea, coffee, cotton, grapevine and walnut seedlings – all endangered because of climate change, are looped and played continuously on small screens placed inside beakers. The series considers genetic modification of produce and possibilities for future regeneration of crops with the aid of technology.


  • Bone Dry includes a series of cuttlefish bones collected on the wilderness coast of New South Wales and Victoria. While referencing the general decline of ocean life due to rising water temperatures, it also alludes the increase of cuttlefish and jellyfish as a more sustainable food choice.

These works all imagine a world where our current food sources have disappeared, are significantly modified, or completely replaced, and the remnants we leave behind are perceived as relics from the past.

The exhibition is open from 21 July – 26 August 2016.
LAB-14 Gallery
700, Swanston St, Carlton

Photo credit: “Anna Madeleine”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from the Carlton Connect Initiative.

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