Chimney Sweeps: Still Important in an Energy Efficient Germany

It is still a common sight in Germany to see a chimney sweep on the street and, as in the past, children will still follow a chimney sweep in the hope of touching him or her because it brings good luck! It’s one of those wonderful combinations of the past and the present melded together.

Of course, the chimney sweep still cleans chimneys, but they also play an important and more modern role in terms of the transition to an energy efficient society.

As the CEO of dena recently commented, chimney sweeps are important energy transition partners. Addressing the Congress of the Federal Association of Chimney Sweeps on 30th June in Cologne, Andreas Kuhlmann emphasised the importance of the chimney sweep as important trade for the energy transition.

“Energy saving doesn’t come about by chance – chimney sweeps know that and even today are making an important contribution to the energy transition.”

“They’re often important contacts for home owners, particularly where heating modernisation is concerned.”

–Andreas Kuhlmann

However, there are still many households in Germany that do not use the most modern and energy efficient heating systems. As such, this is an important area for improvement and it is chimney sweeps who are at the forefront involved in this and are developing their skills as energy consultants.

Dena maintains a database of energy efficiency experts, and around 2,600 chimney sweep firms are represented in it.

Next time you’re in Germany keep your eyes open for a man or woman dressed in the traditional heavy black leather jacket of a chimney sweep, and carrying a bunch of high tech equipment! 😉

Further information on the database can be found at

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from dena.

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