“Books worth reading are worth re-reading” – Holbrook Jackson

In the last couple of weeks we have written a few stories about books, libraries and the significance of reading. We will finish this little series with some self-advertising, and introduce the public bookcase to you.

Hand on heart, how many books do you have in your book case at home? Once we have read them they often become merely a piece of decoration, or dust catchers, and we never read them again…but a book is too valuable to just throw it away. Please, don’t even think about it!

Public book shelves have become very popular in Germany over the last years. The idea is easy, place a book on one of the public shelves and if you like, take a book that somebody else has left there. It’s a book swap and it costs you nothing. The bookcases are everywhere, in trains, in disused telephone booths, old fridges or old cabinets placed in pedestrian malls.

However, here you can find a list, care of good old Wikipedia, of all the places in Germany with a public book shelf.

To be honest, it would be nice to have something like that here in Australia. Here at the Embassy we maintain a “book-swap-shelf” and, with great success we established a “books-for-free” corner at this year’s Multicultural Festival in Canberra. No worries, we will continue next year and bring along a truck load of books.

That’s it…just in case you are interested in reading more about the Germans and their addiction to books, here is a wonderful website:


Keep reading 🙂

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