The 6th #FASHIONTECH in Berlin

Following up from the “Fashion Fusion Challenge”, next week (June 29th, 2016) will see the 6th #FASHIONTECH conference in Berlin. The format of the conference is to allow a forum for the discussion of important topics such as digitisation in the fashion industry. The conference will bring together fashion experts, industry insiders, designers, startup entrepreneurs and creatives for the one-day event. The aim is to discuss and collaborate on exciting projects and scope out potential future business opportunities.

The conference will focus on three core themes:

  1. Wearables & Design
  2. E-Commerce & The Future of Retail
  3. Digital Marketing & Communication

Keynote presentations will include:

Muchaneta Kapfunde from the London-based fashion tech and lifestyle platform Kapfunde will talk about the image of wearable technology in the fashion industry and how she tries the counter the preconception that wearbles are not fashionable enough for every-day clothing.

A presentation of Telekom’s new project “Fashion Fusion” that will highlight the development of digitisation from the EU perspective and present current EU projects and activities which aim to strengthen the connection between creation and new technologies for the fashion sector.

This topic will be further analysed in a discussion round focusing on innovations in the field of smart textiles. Speakers include Olaf Schmidt (Messe Frankfurt); Dr. Jan Zimmermann from Forster Rohner AG, an embroidery company known for their technical embroideries with sensros and RFID technology; and Philipp G. Schwarz from Wearable Life Sciences GmbH, a company which develops active sportswear featuring electronic muscle stimulation (EMS).

For more information see:

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