Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Germany

It may sound a bit dull but for those who plan to work in Germany, but there are some regulations and information that you need to know. We try to use as little officialese as possible… 😉

The following information only applies to those who come from a country outside the European Union.

If you move to Germany from one of the EU members states…lucky you! It’s all good, no need to torture yourself with the instructions below.

Let’s get started…there is a difference between regulated and non-regulated professions.

For example, Medical Practitioners, Lawyers or Master Craftsmen (as soon as they want to be self employed) belong to this group and their degrees and qualifications must be recognised by German officials.

Most of the professions are not regulated and your qualifications don’t need to be recognised when you are, for example, a business economist, an IT-specialist or a baker. But…and there’s is always a but…it could be helpful to get your qualifications acknowledged, so your potential employer knows exactly how experienced you are.

¨With its “” Welcome Portal, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy informs international qualified professionals about their career prospects in Germany – and why it is worthwhile living and working here.¨

Furthermore, the German government introduced a new instrument, the so called “Recognition Act”. As many German companies are in permanent need of experts the act provides a basis for establishing the equivalent of a foreign qualification with a corresponding German qualification. It is a standardised and transparent procedure for all federally regulated professions.

Find out more and read real success stories here:

…and finally the last link, just in case you need a deeper insight in terms of academic recognition as these procedures are not covered by the Recognition Act.

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