“There are plenty of people who, you know—people who still like the smell of books.” ― Robin Sloan, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

There are over 6000 bookstores and libraries in Germany and Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, called them “intellectual service stations”. German bookstores are far more than just bookstores as they closely work together with schools and kindergartens. German bookstores offer cultural events and they shape cultural life in German cities. Our booksellers are skilled, competent and they are on your side whenever you have an enquiry.

Books are so highly important that the German government decided to offer them at reduced VAT rates and book prices are fixed by law.

In 2015 the entire German book industry generated 9,32 billion Euros, book prices are on the rise but the total numbers of new releases dropped from 93.600 to 87.130.

April 23 was declared as World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO in 1995.
Bookstores, publishers, libraries and schools celebrate this special day with various events nationwide.

“Frankfurt reads” and “Leipzig reads” may be the most famous annual book reading events in Germany.

and here we go again… some recommendations for you. Today it’s the other way round, books by Australian authors translated into German:

Patrick White The Eye of the Storm| Im Auge des Sturms
Germaine Greer The Female Eunuch| Der weibliche Eunuch
Thomas Keneally
Schindlers Ark| Schindlers Liste
Peter Carey Oscar and Lucinda
DBC Pierre Vernon God Little | Jesus von Texas
David Malouf
Remembering Babylon | Jenseits von Babylon
Tim Winton Dirt Music |Der singende Baum
Kate Grenville The Secret River | Der verborgene Fluss
Geraldine Brooks
Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague | Das Pesttuch
Christopher Clark The Sleepwalkers| Die Schlafwandler
Jacki French Diary of a Wombat| Tagebuch eines Wombat

Source: Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels

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