How will the Cities of the Future Look? Morgenstadt (video)

How will the cities of the future look?

What kind of city do we want to live in?

Urban Development including developments such as electric mobility, Industry 4.0, demographic change, climate crisis, the Internet of things, atc., are changing the world quickly and entire industries are reinventing themselves in response to complex transitions in social, economic, and environmental arenas.

Increasing urbanisation is a key trend and the design of city systems will play an essential role in shaping a sustainable future. Institutions at all levels must be proactive in order to compete successfully and to establish themselves as active, relevant players in the city of the future.

Today’s cities are using systems and infrastructure based on outdated technologies, making them unsustainable, inflexible, inefficient, and difficult to change. In order for both people and natural systems to thrive, the city of the future will have to be fundamentally different. Cities that are congested with cars, that over-consume energy and resources, emit greenhouse gases, and produce contamination and waste will no longer be the status quo.

Today we are at the brink of a new urban era. To navigate the big challenges of the next decades, city systems must be innovative, flexible, liveable, and sustainable. Future cities will produce net-zero emissions and waste, enable a maximum quality of life for all its inhabitants, optimize resiliency, and enable prosperity and progress through sustainable innovations. Currently, there is an opportunity for district-level, municipal, and regional demonstration projects that integrate clean technologies with business models and innovative urban development approaches to define the new City of the Future paradigm.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Fraunhofer IAO / Morgenstadt Initiative.


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