Energy-efficient Street Lighting

As part of its ‘Energy Efficiency Campaign’ the German Energy Agency (DENA) has organised the ‘efficient street lighting roadshow’, in cooperation with leading municipal associations.

The first event was held on May 11th, in Münster, and was attended by around 100 representatives of municipalities, companies and associations to learn more about upgrading street lighting. The focus was on lighting technologies, operator models and funding opportunities.

A nationwide survey of around 1,000 municipalities, conducted by DENA, provides an insight into the current state of street lighting. For example, the number of municipalities with a large stock of high-pressure mercury vapour lamps has halved since 2012 – a result of the ban on this technology by the European Union. Nevertheless, at present around 30 per cent of the cities and municipalities still possess medium to large stocks of these lamps.

At the same time, modern technologies are making an impact: for example, when they upgrade lighting systems 87 per cent of the municipalities back LED technologies. Additionally, around half the municipalities surveyed want to acquire their own experience of intelligent control of street lighting systems.

The event is the first of a total of five this year held as part of the Energy Efficient Street Lighting Roadshow.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from DENA.



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