Both Australia and Germany Pursue Research to Drive Innovation

Both Australia and Germany have been leading the way towards the future by realising that it is research and collaboration that drives innovation.

Despite spectacular missteps, such as recent cuts at the CSIRO, the Australian government has been pushing innovation by funding research opportunities. A recent release from the Australian Research Council focuses on

real-world problems in infrastructure, health and cyber-security… after the Turnbull Government today announced funding for 258 new research projects.

The research will have an impact across fields as diverse as farm crop diseases, cyber-security, and medical research.

Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, said the latest round of grants, funded through the Australian Research Council (ARC), includes:

  • 16 new Fellowships worth $44.1m under the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme
  • 231 new research projects worth $81.2m under the Linkage Projects scheme
  • 5 new hubs worth $15.7m under the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme
  • 6 new centres worth $22m under the Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme.

The research projects will be supported via numerous partner organisations where researchers will tackle real-world problems and (presumably) to commercialise these solutions and ultimately to keep in mind their end-users, the Australian public and industries.

The strengthening of Australia’s research and cooperation efforts comes after a recent OECD report which studied public-private partnerships in the area and ranked Australia last.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Australia Research Council

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