Kaffeekultur – Coffee Culture

Not many people think of Germany when it comes to coffee, but what is often overlooked is the extend to which Germany has had an influence on the global coffee market.

First, Germany is the second largest buyer and importer of coffee in the world. It imports twice as much coffee as Italy.

Second, on a per capita basis (approx. 150 litres) Germany is one of the largest coffee consuming markets in Europe, and more coffee is drunk in Germany than beer.


Third, while a culture of coffee is often associated with countries like Italy or France, Germany was one of the first Western European countries to establish coffee houses, and trading in coffee goes back many centuries. The first coffee houses were established in North Sea port cities such as Bremen (1673) and Hamburg (1677).

Finally, the drip filter… which remains the most popular way to prepare coffee in Germany… was developed by Melitta Bentz around 1908, and the innovative coffee filters which carry her name are used throughout the world today.


One thought on “Kaffeekultur – Coffee Culture

  1. When I arrived in Australia in 1982 there were hardly any drip filter coffee machines in use here. In February 1984 my mother bought me a Krups drip filter machine and sent it to
    Australia for me. My husband and I used this machine for the next 12 years until we had to buy a bigger one.


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