What is Industry 4.0…?

Industry 4.0 is the way in which German industry is referring to smart products. This means a technological evolution from embedded systems to cyber-physical systems. Put another way, Industry 4.0 is part of a new industrial revolution otherwise known as “the internet of things” or “the internet of things, data, and services”.

“Decentralized intelligence helps create intelligent object networking and independent process management, with the interaction of the real and virtual worlds representing a crucial new aspect of the manufacturing and production process.”

Source: GTAI

Germany has long been regarded as a leader in developing and supplying cyber-physical systems, systems that are fast becoming critical to the factories of the future where communication between machine and product will be the most important facet of industrial production.

This means that in the future systems will not simply produce products by will maintain a decentralised network in which the systems will stay in communication with the product “telling it what to do” and monitoring the functioning state and efficiency of the product.

Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from GTAI  (Germany Trade & Invest). More information can be found here.


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